Meet The Owner

Kimberly Huggins knows a clean home is good for overall well-being. both physical and mental. She's done it professionally for over 15 years and loves to see the difference a clean environment makes in her customers lives.

She started by cleaning to to 15 houses a week by herself, and eventually turned her hard work into a business of her own. In 2014 Kimberly became the owner/operator of Ellicott City based Huggins Cleaning Service, LL.C. She personally trains all her employees to make sure their work meets her high standards, to keep her customers happy.

Although her business has grown to 12 employees and 150 residential and commercial customers over the years. she still has the first few customers from when she first started cleaning. “Weve also had several clients whove had cancer and we cleaned their homes for free to help them get back on their feet. We call this “Cleaning for a Reason.”

Kimberly developed a strong work ethic at a young age. “After high school I worked as a waitress at several restaurants. In 1008 I started working for a cleaning company and was partnered with a wonderful woman who had been cleaning for over zo vears. She took me under her wing. In 2002 she moved to Florida. I quit my job to stay home and raise my son. But every vear my husband still buys me an airline ticket to go visit her for a few davs in Florida!”

"I decided to go back to cleaning houses in 2005. They were so happy with my work that they would refer me to their neighbors and friends. To this day, I still have all but one of those clients, and that's only because they moved to Delaware."

“After just one year I had to hire my friends to help me because I had more work than I could handle alone. After another six months. I had so  much work I decided to rent an office space in Howard Country and hire four more people. Six months later I had to rent a bigger office and hire more employees in South Baltimore and Jason grew up in Catonsville. We had very different upbringings and are total opposites in most things. Jason was in a pool league, and my parent’s bar was his team home! I used to bring him home-cooked meals on the nights he shot pool.”

“We still have a date weekend about once a month. We stay in a hotel, explore a new era, and walk around enjoying each other’s company. We like to travel to Fort Myers, Florida, once a year to visit my old coworker and enjoy quality beach time. We also go on a family vacation every year, usually to Ocean City or Chincoteague, Virginia. We have so many great vacation memories.”

The Huggins’ daughter, Karissa, has many talents,  including as an online positivity lifer coach and influencer with over 100,000 followers. She helps people deal with life stress.

“My company continued to grow every year. In January 2020 we opened a second location in Glen Burnie so we could service the surrounding areas as well. But that was short-lived. In March we were forced to close it permanently due to Covid-19. We also had to shut down our Ellicott City location temporarily due to the pandemic. When we reopened, we lost several customers who did not want outside people in their homes. Now I am slowly getting back my clients and adding some new ones.”

Kimberly’s husband, Jason, is a retired truck driver who likes to sing and play guitar. They’ve been together for 21 years and have two(2) children: 24 year old Karissa, 19 year old Zachary, and a one year old grandson. “My parents owned a bar in Baltimore City called Pub” Kimberly reminisced.

Family Photos